How to drive Organic traffic using Evergreen Content

How to drive Organic traffic using Evergreen Content

Have You ever heard the term Evergreen Content?

This term might be totally new for newbie bloggers. But, most amateur bloggers know this term.

Now, you might be wondering that how Evergreen Content can drive massive traffic? How Evergreen Content is different than Traditional Content?

Chill. I will try to answer all your questions about Evergreen Content in this in-depth article.

What is Evergreen Content?

When I entered “what is evergreen content” in Google, I saw a post from dated January 7, 2014, in SERP.

I was amazed at how a post that was written in 2014 can rank in 2020.

Then I get to know the reason. The reason is the Evergreen Content of that post.

The word “Evergreen” relates to evergreen trees that don’t shed their leaves throughout the year.

In the same way, Evergreen content is search engine optimized quality content that continues to be interesting and relevant years after its date of publication and which never loses its value.

Importance of Evergreen Content

Have you ever noticed that many of your posts become outdated after a few weeks or a few months as the new trend comes?

For example, if you write a review about a movie, then it would get shared widely, it would get a very high amount of traffic, but only for 2 to 3 weeks. After 2 to 3 weeks, this post will become obsolete.

News articles, articles on current trends in technology or fashion, content about specific festivals or holidays, reviews on gadgets are considered non-evergreen content. These types of posts get instant traffic just after it gets published but it dies at a very young age. You need to pump more and more posts. And when you stop writing new articles, your traffic will drop at a very higher rate.

Articles with Evergreen Content drive massive organic traffic to your blog even if you don’t publish new articles regularly. Your posts will get more engagement, more comments and that’s how your posts will be shared more over time which will improve your ranking in SERP.

Examples of Evergreen Topics

How-to guides

  • How to write Eye-Catching Meta Description
  • How to write a perfect Blog Post in 2021
  • How to tie a tie

Ultimate guides

  • Ultimate Guide to convert Blog Readers into Customers

Step-by-step guides

  • Step by Step guide to selling on Amazon


  • 30 Awesome Websites You Didn’t Know About


  • 12 Useful Microsoft Excel Tips
  • 5 natural ways to boost your mental health


  • Checklist for writing a blog post

Historic articles

  • History of Photography
  • History of Blogging


  • Tutorial on Photoshop

Common mistakes in a specific topic

  • 9 Blogging Mistakes most Bloggers make
  • Effect And Side Effects Of Birth Control On Human Body

Glossary of a particular niche

  • WordPress Glossary
  • Glossary of Internet-related terms



  • Blogging FAQs

Benefits of Evergreen Content

Improvement in search engines ranking

Articles with Evergreen Content are typically long and in-depth articles. That’s why you can insert more keywords in the article naturally.

Evergreen Content helps you to lower bounce rate as visitors spend more time reading long articles. And that’s how the dwell time of your page will also increase.

A low bounce rate and a higher dwell time indicate to search engines that your content is fulfilling searcher’s needs for that particular keyword.

Search engines appreciate that and it will push your page higher in SERP.

As you all know that, a higher ranking in search engines attracts more organic traffic.

More backlinks

Evergreen articles are attractive and have value to readers, So they will naturally share your articles on social media. And quality content also gets lots of links.

Bloggers who are writing about a similar topic will link back to your website to provide additional information about that topic. That’s how you get natural backlinks.

And the bonus point is that Evergreen articles get backlinks even years after it gets published.

Establish your authority

Evergreen content gets shared more compared to traditional content as it will be relevant and interesting even after years.

When your content gets shared again and again and you are trusted by your audience, then people will recognize you as an expert.

Evergreen content that highlights your expertise for a longer time will help you to establish your brand authority.

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