4 educational games to play as a family

 4 educational games to play as a family

The games are the main tools through which the child expresses his identity and develops his knowledge, even the most complex. Play for children is a very serious activity and can be compared to the activity of an adult who is passionate about what he is doing, an activity in which he has the feeling of being able to express his personality. In other words, the child who plays can be compared to the adult who does his job with passion and for this very reason goes with pleasure to the place of his work.

Educational or didactic games are those that are designed to improve and develop children's skills . Taking into account that play is the best learning tool for children, any material, game or activity designed to allow the little ones to acquire any skills or abilities can be considered an educational game.

There are many types of educational games, puzzles or puzzles, best multiplayer games, creation games such as plasticine or construction toys, among many others. Another type of educational activity that does not require any materials, is that which activates the brain to find answers to certain questions, such as puzzles or reading.

Advantages of educational games for children

Educational games provide a large number of developmental benefits for children , among others:
Concentration , the child remains attentive to the activity that is taking place, without losing interest because it is also a game.
The development of their abilities has improved , both physically, as psychic, social, emotional and cognitive.
You work on the autonomy of the child and self-confidence increases when solving activities that require some difficulties.
In the educational game, the child is constantly working the mind , developing skills such as creativity, imagination or imagination.

Educational games to play as a family

Spending quality family time playing is the best way to contribute to children's development. There are countless games and materials that you can use for an educational activity with your children. From a moment of guessing, doing a puzzle, reading a story and even teaching children to create their own stories . Here are some more ideas for educational games to have fun with children, learn and grow as a family.

Songs with movement

On the Internet you can find a wide variety of children's songs, designed to move and recognize different parts of the body. Use songs to help children develop fine motor skills as well as hand-foot coordination, gain vocabulary, and have more body awareness . You can compose your own songs, as long as you use movements, a choreography or body parts names, numbers and all that can be used as learning for children.

Development of logical reasoning

This educational game is perfect for working with young children and those with learning difficulties, such as children with ASD. It is about learning to classify.For this, you can use different containers such as baskets, cardboard or plastic boxes. Each box will be used to classify a certain material or toy, for example, in one box there are fruits, in another the animals and in another the bricks. With this activity the child develops the understanding and acquisition of functional language.

An inflatable or velcro target

The bullseye game as well as being a lot of fun can become a perfect educational game. Of course, you need to get a special goal for children. It won't be complicated for you, They have a felt fabric base and Velcro balls are used instead of darts . With this game, the child develops gross motor skills, in addition, he works on concentration to achieve the goal. In addition, you will be able to learn numbers and older children will become familiar with counting.

Memory cards

Memory cards are perfect for very young children who are starting to develop language, but also for older children as they are perfect for concentration and work memory . On the market you can find countless memory card games, but you can also create them at home in a very simple way.

All you have to do is download drawing templates from the internet , for example, of fruits, vehicle types, numbers, letters, figures, animals, whatever you prefer. You will need two cards for each, print them, cut them out and laminate them to make them much stronger.

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